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The Great Controversy DVD Project
Produced and directed by Nancy Hamilton Myers, the three-part series is the result of Myer's decade and a half dream to see the "The Great Controversy" story told in movie format. For more information about the movie, visit the Great Controversy DVD web site. Watch the trailer for part two of the Great Controversy DVD here.


Hope Channel Advertising

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Children’s Resources

Michael Asks Why; Ellen White’s Classic, The Great Controversy. Adapted for Children

Sally Pierson Dillon, Pacific Press Publishing Association, 2000.

This is a creative adaptation for children of Ellen White’s Classic, The Great Controversy. Written in a kid-friendly way, this book is a great way to direct children’s attention to the important spiritual topics like, “Why do we have so many churches? and “What will happen in the time of trouble?” A great way to start a life-changing discussion with any child.

War of the Invisibles; The Amazing Story of The Great Controversy

Sally Pierson Dillon, Review and Herald, 2000.

This Ellen White’s adaption of her classic book is a fun way for youngsters to learn both facts of history and the fundamentals of the faith. This retelling of the great controversy through the eyes of real individuals in history will inspire a new love for those beliefs that were preserved at such a high cost by those who went before us.

The Great Controversy English Brochure

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The Great Controversy Project PowerPoint

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The Great Controversy Project Overview Document

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Adapted Great Hope Version

Chapter Comparison - Adapted and Classic Great Controvery

Chapter Table

Introduction to the Adapted Version

When disasters and attacks suddenly devastate our homes, when our dreams of success are shattered, when sickness and death stalk our loved ones, one thing can lift our heads and point us forward—hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, for a brighter future, for a happier day. Hope that there is more to life than what we now see and feel.
This book is a history of hope. Although written within the style and historical context of the 19th century, The Great Hope offers cutting-edge insights for the 21st century. It is a history of a God of love, a God who acted to protect and save humans even before they came into existence. When suffering and death entered the world, God did not just stand on the sidelines and watch the devastation. He revealed a plan to save humans—a plan which is in full operation today.
Human history is filled with stories of those who claim the right to explain and expand the teachings of the Bible. Hope and peace have been devastated again and again by men claiming to act in God’s name and with His authority. The world has been darkened by a misunderstanding of who God really is and a doubt that He even exists.
But God’s love for humans has not dimmed. In spite of what has been said about Him, and what has been taught by some who claim to speak for Him, the truth about God can be found in His Word—by all who search for it with open hearts.
Are you searching for truth? For peace? For hope? Where will you turn? Nations seem bent on the politics of war. The economies of the world are at the shattering point. Natural disasters race against a poisoned ecology to fatally damage our environment as the global climate appears to spin out of control. Human wisdom no longer seems to offer a secure future—or any hope for happiness.
But we are not without hope! Trace the footsteps of God through human history and see for yourself what He offered to save us. Discover the truths that can protect you from the lies of the devil. Discover truths that can change your life today, and show you the promise of a life without end.
And finally, look forward through the prophecies of Scripture to a history not yet written. As this world crumbles, see how God’s grip on our hands only grows tighter. Our future is secure, if our hand remains in His.
No matter what is happening at this moment in our personal lives or in the world around us, we can have Great Hope for what will happen tomorrow. Open your heart to the Great Hope God offers you today.
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